Acudetox in Prisons

Nada has been organizing a series of workshops, acudetox sessions and networking meetings with Senior Jail officials, NGOs and physicians in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Nadiad and Vadodara Gujarat since 1st June 2010.

Dr. Michael O. Smith a Psychiatrist and Acupuncturist in the 1970s at Lincoln Hospital (Bronx, NY), the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol was originally used as a supportive component (Adjunct treatment) in drug and alcohol treatment settings. The 3-5 point ear acupuncture formula controlled withdrawal symptoms. Shenman the first point: helps with anxiety, sleep problems and pain .Other two points alleviates stress via the nervous system and helps stress related digestive and circulation problem. It assists the detoxification of toxins through the lunges; also helps strengthen the immune system, respiratory system, and skin functions such as excessive sweating.

NADA ear acupuncture is a non-verbal approach. There are no diagnostic procedures. The ear points provide a balancing effect: some fall asleep; some feel relief of depression; some seem to be meditating. These balancing effects continue from one to several days even though the patient may be exposed to contrasting emergencies during that time. It is a coping and preventive effect.

It is used in 130 prisons in England. Correction officers provide all the treatments under a 5 year training contract by Smart-UK. The jail program was expanded because of an 80% reduction in violent incidents. NADA acupuncture adds a valuable component to the existing detoxification, counseling and other rehabilitation components as an adjunct treatment. Visit Nada India Foundation has been working in Drug De-addiction Center Jail No.3 and providing NADA ear acupuncture and counseling services to the inmates for since Ist June 2010 regularly twice a week.

The results are encouraging and even inmates of Yog ward (Asharam) and Jail staff has shown interest in use of NADA ear acupuncture as it also helps in practice of meditation. The usual feedback varied from relaxation, peace, deep sleep, better concentration and no craving for tobacco and other substance. 

Recently, workshops on alcohol prevention & barrier free treatment and rehabilitation services in prisons of Gujarat (27th-29thJan and 15th &16th March in Central Jail Vadodara & Nadiad and on 17th for follow up and feedback workshop in Central Jail Ahmedabad). NADA ADS Ear acupuncture training to the physicians and nursing staff of prisons were part of the workshops. We trained 40 more NADA ADS in Vadodara Central Jail and Nadiad, Gujarat and have provided them with certificates & needles also.