ADS Training

ADS Training (Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist)
NADA keeps growing and thriving because its members are committed to using acu detox for wellness, healing pain and suffering of people living with addiction, trauma, or other behavioral health issues. Join us and gain all the benefits of training that can support you personally and professionally.

NADA 3-point auricular acupuncture treatment is an adjunctive formula tool that can be incorporated into any treatment modality for substance misuse and associated issues. It is designed for those who are already working in the addictions field and who want to add to their knowledge and provide other treatment options for their clients. This certificate course is a blended learning experience – theory, practical, group work, ongoing assessment, individual examinations, continuing clinical and professional development and sustained membership.

If you are a candidate working with clients who have substance misuse issues and you work within a recognized treatment setting, then you may be eligible to do the NADA India training.

It may be that you are not sure whether you do qualify and in those instances, we are always delighted to speak further and more personally to potential candidates to clarify whether they are eligible to undertake the training so if you are not clear, please do feel free to call us on 09810594544 when we will be able to help further.

Nada India is working on public health initiatives to expand access to Nada training and practice for, social workers, physicians, correction officers, peers educators and health workers. Nada India leadership   has opened the door for the integration of the NADA model into hundreds of addiction and behavioral health programs. Solely funded by membership dues, IAADS exists to support its membership through education, outreach, training, and advocacy.

Who can be trained?
Standardized ear protocols are safely taught to existing healthcare workers who can easily integrate them as part of their clinical practice within hospitals, and mental health and addiction clinics and primary health centers. In the para-military, personnel are trained in ear acupuncture protocols to address pain and trauma symptoms in soldiers.

Nada Acudetox practitioners are individuals who have completed Nada acudetox training and working in a supervised treatment or outreach facility. Trainings are provided through workshops and onsite learning opportunities.

It is designed for those who are already working in the addiction or health promotion field and who want to add to their knowledge and provide additional treatment options for their clients/target groups. This certificate course is a blended learning experience – theory, practical, group work, ongoing assessment, continuing clinical and professional development and sustained membership. 

How to register for training?
On line registration form can be filled and we connect the prospect trainee with our local convener for follow up, hands on practice and continuing education. After submission of registration, the training has to sign a Nada India pledge and undertaking.

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IAADS advocacy
Local organisations and associations and individual membership at community level are real strengths of IAADS advocacy. Acudetox capacity building events and outreach programs are organised in collaborative model through Nada network members.

  • IAADS promotes and advocates the needs of persons affected and affected by alcohol, drugs, trauma, stress and violence by protecting their rights at policy and community level.
  • IAADS promotes and advocates the professional needs and rights of   Acupuncture Detoxification Specialists/Associate/Assistant He or she may be a therapist, nurse, drug counselor or other community worker who took Nada’s training course.
  • IAADS specially advocates for acceptance and legitimacy of non-acupuncturists and non physicians to perform three point ear acupuncture protocol as an adjunct treatment for addiction treatment, wellness and health promotion.
  • IAADS works to improve access and effectiveness of care through promoting policies and practices which integrate NADA-style treatment with other behavioral health modalities.

NADA three auricular acupuncture points treatment is an adjunctive tool that can be incorporated into any treatment modality for substance misuse and associated issues.

Nada India along with IAADS provide technical assistance in setting up NADA Acudetox services in diverse settings like correction institutions, peer led rehabilitation programs, Uniformed services, drug treatment, rehabilitation and drop in centers, Productivity Enhancement Program in the countries of South Asia.

Technical Assistance Programs Include:

  • Consultation for integrating auricular acupuncture for existing services
  • Support for the establishment of new programs both domestically and regionally
  • Supervision of nascent programs and agencies until self-sufficiency is achieved
  • Establish Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Training Format
Nada India training follows the format of the successfully accredited three point protocol training developed by NADA US at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital. The training is both experiential and didactic and includes input on the basic theory of Chinese medicine and its relevance to substance misuse. Wellness , trauma and stress management, Health & Safety issues, exposure control, clean needle technique and needle management practice are a vital aspect of the training with clinical supervision under the guidance of qualified trainers. Only single use, disposable needles are used. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees are recommended for membership by the trainer to IAADS. A participation certificate is issued by the consultant upon completion of the course. An annual renewal fee of Rs.200 is required payable to IAADS. IAADS re-assesses its ADS practitioners annually in order to ensure that the high standards of practice are maintained. Practitioners will be informed when re-assessments are taking place in their area.

NADA International trained professionals and volunteer in the field of addiction treatment, rehabilitation, aftercare and acupuncture are available to conduct workshops and onsite training on the use of ear acupuncture in the field of addictions and recovery, wellness and trauma.

Dr. Michael O.Smith, M.D., Director of Lincoln Recovery Center, continues to provide leadership in support of treatment modality, offering consultations and training worldwide. Team of professionals from acupuncture, counseling, addiction, rehabilitation, mental health, communication, social work and registered trainers with NADA International provides training and refreshers programs in India.

Over one thousand programs in the United States now use acupuncture and NADA US is proud to have contributed to their success. NADA has trained over 5, 00 clinicians in the United States and worldwide. NADA three point ear acupuncture treatment protocol has been included in the training programs of National Institute of Social Defence under ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Govt. of India and Regional training Resource Center(North).Nada in India offers

A seventy-hour training course in use of ear acupuncture for wellness ,stress management, addiction counseling and rehabilitation. The eligibility criteria are – 
1) Acupuncturists, physicians, nurses, counselors, social workers and other chemical dependency professionals working under general supervision of physician in recognized wellness ,mental health facility ,drug treatment cum rehabilitation center are eligible for training.
2) Workshops, demonstrations and training are available regionally, nationally or at an individual’s requirements.
3) Annual Conference for updates and sharing, Continuing Education is available.

The NADA Literature clearing house offers hundreds of articles, audio tapes, and videos on a range of addiction topics such as treatment of pregnant women, HIV, dual diagnosis etc.
1) Acupuncture research.
2) Volunteer Exchange program
3) NADA Newsletters.

Consultation and Technical Assistance
1) Support for the creation of new programs domestically and regionally
2) Opportunities to observe local programs.
3) Consultation for treatment of diverse populations.
4) Consultation for integrating the NADA ear acupuncture component with existing services.
5) Assistance in establishing Drug treatment and correction services for children in correction and shelter homes.