Articles and Publications

Author: Fidler, Simon
Title: The Successful Use of Auricular Acupuncture in the Supported Withdrawal and Detoxification of Substance Abusers. Go to Reference Library, then click on ‘Research’, and Substance Abuse/Addictions.

Author: Douglas, Omega
Date: 10/09/2004
Title: Prick up your Ears
Source: Times Educational Supplement
Vol/Page Ref: TES 10th Sept 2004. Behaviour Section

Author: Mitchel, E.R.
Date: 1995
Title: Fighting Drug Abuse with Acupuncture
Source: Book
Vol/Page Ref: Pacific View Press, Berkely, CA.

Author: Smith, M.O.
Date: 1995
Title: Nature of Qi
Source: Society for Acupuncture Research
Vol/Page Ref: Proceedings

Author: Blow, David
Date: 1994
Title: The Acupuncture Treatment of Alcohol and Chemical Dependency
Source: Journal of Chinese Medicine
Vol/Page Ref: 45. pp 5-8

Author: Lipton, D.S., Brewington, V. & Smith, M.O.
Date: 1994
Title: Acupuncture for Crack Cocaine Detoxification: Experimental Evaluation of Efficacy
Source: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
Vol/Page Ref: 11 (3) pp 205 – 215

Author: Smith, M.O.
Date: 1993
Title: Testimony presented to NIH Office of Alternative Medicine
Vol/Page Ref: May 21

Author: Margolin, A. Avants, K.S., Chang, P & Kosten, T.R.
Date: 1993
Title: Acupuncture for the treatment of Cocaine Dependence in methadone-Maintained Patients
Source: The American Journal on Addictions
Vol/Page Ref: 2 (3) pp 194 – 201

Author: Washburn, A.M. et al
Date: 1993
Title: Acupuncture Heroin Detoxification: As single-blind Clinical Trial
Source: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
Vol/Page Ref: 10, pp 345 – 351

Author: Worner, T.M et al
Date: 1992
Title: Acupuncture fails to improve treatment outcome in alcoholics
Source: Drug and Alcohol dependence
Vol/Page Ref: 30. pp 169 – 173

Author: Bullock, M.L., Culliton, P.D & Olander, R.T
Date: 1989
Title: Controlled Trial of Acupuncture for Severe Recidivist Alcoholism
Source: The Lancet
Vol/Page Ref: June 24, pp 1435 – 1439

Author: Smith, M.O. & Khan, I.
Date: 1989
Title: Acupuncture program for Treatment of Drug Addicted persons
Source: Bulletin on Narcotics
Vol/Page Ref: XL (1)

Author: Chao, C.E., Smith, M.O. & Davidson, R.
Date: 1989
Title: Evaluation of the effectiveness of acupuncture on maternal substance abuse clients
Source: New York City Department of Health
Vol/Page Ref: Health research Training program

Author: Gaal, Charles L
Date: 1977
Title: Focus: Acupuncture in the Treatment of Alcoholics
Source: Australian Journal of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
Vol/Page Ref: Vol4 – No.3. pp77 – 78

Author: Wen, H.L. & Cheung, S.Y.C.
Date: 1973
Title: Treatment of drug addiction by acupuncture and electrical stimulation
Source: Asian Journal of Medicine
Vol/Page Ref: 9:19

Author: Brumbaugh, Alex, G.
Title: Transformation & Recovery: A guide for the design and development of Acupuncture-Based Chemical dependency treatment programs
Source: Book