Acupuncture to help Sabarmati jail inmates fight addictions
The acupuncture detoxification workshop jointly held by the state prisons department and the Nada India Foundation aims to ensure de-addiction of prisoners lodged in the Sabarmati Jail through acupuncture techniques. Talking to DNA, Dr. Manjula Patel, a trainer from Nada India, said that the training will help them stay away from addictions and will also help them become a good citizen when they leave prison. She said that most of the prisoners lodged in the jail were found to be depressed or extremely short-tempered.

Published: Friday, Jan 28, 2011, 19:06 IST
By Ritesh Shah | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: DNA

Dr. Smith helping drug addicts to lead a drug free life…
Published: Aug 10, 2001
By Ranchi Express | Place: Bihar

People can get rid of drug habit with NADA ear acupuncture..
Published: Aug 14, 2001
By Jagran Uday | Place: New Delhi

Acupuncture doc aids quake staff….Thanks to a South Bronx doctor, the same technique that help drug addicts in New York are aiding relief workers in Gujarat earthquake- ravaged region of western India..
Published: March 20, 2001
By Daily News | Place: New York

Stress Management : ‘Developer’ Vatsyayan’s mantra for cops under stress… Basically, I would aim at making the policemen realize that they are under stress, and how to manage it by various methods including ‘Auricular acupuncture’ which acts as a catalyst to self growth….. 
Published: Friday, Oct 28, 2002
By Hindustan Times | Place: Madhya Pradesh

Fighting off addiction menace…Eak Jyot is a secular, charitable trust dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol and other drugs….. The outstanding feature of the centre is that it offers alternative healing techniques to help the patients fight off addiction. Since the centre believes in community living, everyone undertakes….. It helps them to take each day as it comes. They practice yogic kriyas, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki and NADA ear acupuncture. Pradeep, in charge of the centre and a reformed de-addict himself, has an expertise in NADA ear acupuncture. This technique helps in reducing the urge for drugs…..
Published: Aug 10, 2001
By Asha Ahuja | Place: Ludhiana | Agency: Tribune India

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The Support Group Route to Rehab…Suneel Vatsyayan has introduced peer-based community therapy in de-addiction centres…A former drug addict himself, 44-year-old Bhushan picked up the peerbased model for a centre from Suneel Vatsyayan, director of the Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation, where he spent a year undergoing training. “I had ego problems and was extremely headstrong,” says Bhushan, who was an electrician by profession. Now, he runs four community-managed centres…….The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime supported the project. “We have made community therapy more need-based and peer-based,” says Vatsyayan, who has so far treated about 10,000 drug addicts.

“Detoxification is the first step. We also use ear acupuncture as per Nada treatment protocol. This facilitates retention, reduces violence and has more voluntary admissions,” says Vatsyayan, who is now the chairman of the NIF. Holding a counselling session at Nai Kiran—a network member of NIF,….
Published: Aug 17, 2008
By Richa Bhatia Ahuja | Posted online | Agency: Express India

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More than 100 counselors, Social workers, Doctors, Yoga therapists and Peer Support Counselors from different parts of India have been trained to use ear acupuncture for addiction treatment and Rehabilitation as per NADA five-point treatment protocol. These people who are already working in different addiction treatment settings have completed seventy hour apprenticeship training as Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS). The model put forth by NADA allows an ADS to practice the limited, pre-defined five point needle protocol for the treatment of addictions…..

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The ear holds the key to stress
A 45-minute session of ear acupuncture helps balance the energy levels of the body by inserting the needles at five main points of the ear. “The needles are inserted at the sympathetic, shen man, kidney, liver and lung points. While a five point method is used for de-addiction and rehabilitation, the three point treatment helps in reducing stress, normalising sleep and treating headaches, body aches and reducing anger,” reveals Suneel Vatsyayan.…
Published: June 02, 2001
By The Hindu, online edition of India’s National Newspaper

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…….In summary, Ear acupuncture helps patients to participate in individual and group treatment sessions more effectively. It is a nonverbal, nonthreatening, “first step” intervention, that has an immediate calming effect on patients. Initial participation with Ear acupuncture has been found to improve patients’ overall treatment retention, and to facilitate their subsequent involvement in rehabilitation.

*The paper was presented jointly by Dr.Michael O. Smith and Mr. Suneel Vatsyayan at 4th FINGODAP Conference funded by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, UNDCP and UNAID at Kolkotta, India, held from 3rd Jan-5th Jan 2003.

Tek Chand Sidana Memorial
Psychiatric Hospital & De-addiction Center…..Nada India started a training module to train members working in the field of drug deaddiction. Our centre has been established as an Acupuncture Training Centre supported by NADA India. In this training programme, the acudetox technique in taught through a 70 hours training and internship programme. Such trainees gain certificate as Acu detox specialist (ADS). The ADS,s do not do differential diagnosis or full treatment as acupuncture is only one component of substance abuse treatment. The value of acupuncture lies party in the relief of withdrawal symptoms, but crucial goal is to prepare the clients to participate effectively in other therapies…

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Roop Sidana, a psychiatrist from Sri Ganganagar (in Rajastan, India) presented a paper on NADA acupuncture at the American Psychiatric Association recently held in SanDiego.
He described the peaceful retention of patients in his large program. His best results were with alcoholics. Dr. Sidana referred to reports from Denmark and Oregon, indicating the worldwide spread of our work. He uses a lot of graphic art in his anti–addiction art….. NADA International Issue 4, June 13, 2007

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Dealing with depressive disorders – Setting up of Peer counseling and ear acupuncture based alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services in Border Security Force (Punjab Frontier)
Depression is one of the most common mental disorders found in the general community and in the workplace…..

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The holistic healthcare practitioners featured in Unimagined Bridges: Ear Acupuncture Treatment for Disaster Trauma utilize the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association’s (NADA) 5-point ear acupuncture protocol. This simple but effective protocol, commonly known as Acu Detox, has been successfully used for 35 years in addiction programs around the world.

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Treatment of addictive disorders with Acupuncture
Acupuncture being one of the most widely used therapies has now proved the significance of its treatment to eliminate addiction disorders. At National Acupuncture Detoxification Association ( NADA) , an alternative therapy is being used as an adjunct to conventional therapy because acupuncture reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with addictive substance use and contributes to improved treatment engagement and treatment retention,  commonly referred as acudetox, acupuncture detoxification, five-point ear acupuncture protocol and five-point protocol.

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