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NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association)
1) To believe in the dignity and worth of all human beings and to pledge to provide services for the welfare and betterment of all the members of National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.
2) To use acupuncture detoxification in a supportive and nurturing way in the recognition of the right to humane treatment of suffering directly or indirectly from substance abuse.
3) Never to withhold treatment as punishment or to use NADA ear acupuncture detoxification in a programmatically punitive manner.
4) To maintain a professional relationship with all persons served and to refer them promptly when this is not possible.
5) To adhere strictly to the established rules of confidentiality of all records materials and knowledge concerning persons served in accordance with all current Govt. regulations.
6) To contribute my ideas and findings to the general body of knowledge of concerning acupuncture detoxification.
7) To regularly evaluate my own professional strengths and limitations, biases and level of effectiveness striving for self improvement and seeking professional development through further education and training to agree to periodic review of technical competency by a NADA designated consultant.
8) To refrain from undertaking any activity when my personal conduct including the abuse of alcohol and other mood altering drugs, is likely to result in inferior professional services, denigrate the profession in general or constitute a violation of law.
9) To be committed to a drug free state and sobriety for all patients.
10) To avoid claiming directly or implying professional qualifications that exceed those I have actually obtained.
11) To accept the fact that professional competency to use the ear acupuncture (Three points) technique for detoxification does not imply competency to use acupuncture to use acupuncture in general.
12) To use acupuncture detoxification technique in conjunction with appropriate counseling and supportive services.
13) To support the concept that training of acupuncture practitioners will be done only by competent individuals designated by NADA.
14) Not to exploit NADA Ear acupuncture detoxification for personal gain.
15) To provide accurate information regarding my education, training and experience, professional affiliation and certification.
16) To make public statements regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture detoxification that are within the generally accepted experience of the profession as a whole or within the individual practitioner’s experience.
17) To respect the integrity of other forms of health care and to make efforts to build bridges and develop collaborative relationship to achieve the best possible care for individual patients.
18) To make an effort to keep fees within the reach of general public, and to have provision for flexibility in fees for low income patients.
19) Not to associate myself with commerce in such a way as to let it influence or appear to influence my attitude towards the treatment of my patients.
20) Never to do anything that would weaken the physical or mental resistance of a human being except for strictly therapeutic or prophylactic indications imposed in the interest of the patient.
21) To use great caution in publishing discoveries. The same applies to methods of treatment whose value is not yet recognized by the profession at large.


As a credentialed Acupuncture Detox/Wellbeing Specialist (ADS), I shall strive that all times to maintain the highest standards in all the services I provide, valuing competency and integrity over expediency or temporary success. I shall recognize the limits of my ability providing services only in those areas where my training and experience meet recognized professional standards. I shall always recognize that I have assumed a serious social and professional responsibility due to the intimate nature of my work which significantly touches upon the life of other human beings.
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