Stress & Ear Acupuncture

Stress & Life style related problem

Research is showing that stress is a major factor in most disease processes and chronic health conditions. If you have a lot of stress over a long period of time you are more likely to get cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, allergies, digestive problems, reproductive problems, respiratory problems, sore muscles, headaches, and on and on.

What people normally do about it?

Some ways to minimize the effects of stress are: see them as challenges, maintain a positive attitude, regular, moderate exercise, relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation, acupuncture and cultivate a network of friends you are close to and can count on, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains, minimizing meat organically grown food preferably.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a three thousand year old system of medicine. It is a comprehensive system of health care that offers patients treatment for illness and promotes optimum health and quality of life. Acupuncture’s goal is to help the patient achieve balance. Symptoms are seen as the body-mind trying to get some attention and help.

Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture consists of stimulating designated point on the skin of the ear by insertion of disposable sterilized needles at specific points related to internal functions.
Dr. Michael O. Smith, psychiatrist & acupuncturist says “Acupuncture teaches the patient to relax from the inside out.” This increased sense of calm and the quieting of symptoms that occurs as a result of the acupuncture treatment stimulates patients’ own “Qi”( one’s inner energy) and brings them back into a more balanced state. As patients become calmer inside, they become much more aware of themselves and others. From this quieter, inner place the patient can then make more careful choices in their reactions to life situations.

How Acupuncture is helpful Stress?

From the acupuncture point of view, we have adverse reactions to stress because our energy system and organ functions are out of balance. For instance, according to Chinese Medicine, one of the functions of the liver is to handle stress. When the liver energy is out of balance, or blocked, it is more difficult to deal with stress. There is a tendency to be irritable, have headaches, have tight neck and shoulder muscles. When the liver energy is balanced, the feelings of irritability are replaced by a sense of confidence and peace of mind and the muscles are more relaxed. Mentally and emotionally it helps you feel more clear, alert, calm and focused.

Does it help in dealing with Interpersonal relations?

Interpersonal relations and unresolved feelings can be a source of stress. In Chinese acupuncture anger, resentment, frustration, are present when the liver is out of balance, worry is present when the spleen energy is out of balance, fear is present when the kidney is out of balance. Traumatic events can leave a person chronically stressed. The bodily energy is balanced with Ear acupuncture, peace of mind is restored.

How one can set up a Stress Reduction Service?

A stress reduction service can be set up anywhere or at disaster site. This service uses the 3-5 point ear acupuncture treatment developed at Lincoln Recovery Center New York known as the NADA Protocol. Needles remain in the ear for 45 minutes. Inserting the sterilized needles in the ear causes no to minimal discomfort. Daily treatment for the first few days is most beneficial. It is an adjunctive therapy not stand alone intervention. Ear acupuncture can be integrated within a comprehensive stress reduction intervention framework.

Acupuncture is non verbal therapy what does it mean?

Ear acupuncture is a non verbal intervention. One of the benefits of ear acupuncture is precisely that it is opposite of verbal. The most difficult paradox in the trauma or stress is the common reality that person usually denies his or her need for help. Such people do not say anything helpful early in the treatment process. Nevertheless, resistant patients often find themselves in the treatment setting due to referral or social pressure. Using acupuncture can bypass much of the verbal denial and resistance that otherwise limits retention of new patients. Acupuncture will be just effective even when patients lie to us.

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